Your Chance To Become Part of Guitar History!

Calling all electric guitarists and bass players, from beginners to pros – we want you to be part of an Australian attempt to have 500 guitarists (the largest number ever) simultaneously playing the same song at the same place! This will break THE LARGEST ELECTRIC GUITAR ENSEMBLE Guinness World Record!

Just to make the event even cooler, you will be playing alongside legendary Australian band The Choirboys, as they lead the ensemble to perform AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" and help raise money for the Australian Children's Music Foundation (ACMF) in the process! All profits will be donated to ACMF.

Thanks to our good friends at Marshall, your ticket price INCLUDES your very own Marshall MS2 battery powered amp (RRP $55)! That's right, you will be provided with the perfect little home / holiday rehearsal battery-powered amplifier (including batteries), which can be collected on the day before the record attempt.

So just click through and sign up to the Ready Fund Go, join our Facebook event to stay in touch with event updates and start practising!