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Hi there! My name is Alex and I am a mechanical engineer by trade, however, my true passion is music. I listen to music and I write and record my own songs at home as a hobby, but what truly inspires me is coming down to pubs and clubs around the area and getting to know local musos. I personally find that small gigs have more vibe than large concerts and the energy I get out of these is insane.

Honestly the idea to beat the Guinness world record materialised out of nowhere. I just happened to think that it would be awesome if local musos (professional and hobbyists) got together one day and rocked out so hard, it made it to the morning news. Sounds too crazy to become true, doesn’t it? Well…I wanted to see if anyone else would want to jump in, so I created the Facebook page. It got flooded with new members within a few weeks, which made me realise that there is huge support for the idea.

Not having any clue what so ever about organising a gig, I had sent a few emails to professional event organisers and this is how Red Letter Day came on board. These guys are musos themselves and took to the idea with great excitement. I could see that what they do is not just a job, but their passion. They only specialise in music events and are doing an excellent job with events like the battle of the bands, local music festivals, music award nights and so on.

What we really need right now is 500 passionate guitarists to participate in the attempt and financial support from music enthusiasts who are keen to see this happen. Check out our crowd funding campaign for registration to participate and sponsorship options. Feel free to post your questions on the Facebook page and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.


Our Vision

To enable local musicians to unite in a fun event that will have a positive impact on Australian music community.

Our Mission

To organise a successful Guinness world record attempt in April 2018 and get this Australian event recognised by Guinness Book of Records.